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Inside Flatiron’s New Members-Only Club

None You’ve heard whispers in the air about House Play, a members-only loft in Flatiron where pretty much whatever you want to happen can be made so.

Your whisper detection’s always been top-notch.

Anyway, it’s pretty much the Fortress of Solitude meets the Playboy Club circa 1965, and here’s the crucial intelligence.

It’s the result of a poker game that got out of control. It used to be in the owner’s apartment. Eventually, he realized he needed more space, stunning hostesses who give impromptu head massages, a very open bar, a pool table and few rules. So here we are.

The exact location is undisclosed. But we can tell you that a buzzer, a hallway, a private elevator and a dedicated team of women who are good with names are all involved. But about that address...

A bit of charm will procure it. You’ll visit their website and fill out a very brief form. If they like your form-filling technique, you’ll be summoned for an interview over cocktails and given the address. Being invited back is up to you, although we have every confidence.

You can throw a party, or just stop by. Have a poker night. Or a 60-person cocktail party. There’s even a shower, in case it comes to that.

As it so often does.


House Play
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