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Netflix but for Phones

UrbanDaddy - RentobileYou may be in a committed relationship, but lately you've wondered what it would be like to push the buttons of some fresh new plaything.

And because we're talking about cell phones—really, cell phones...nothing more—allow us to introduce Rentobile, a new website that finally releases you from the biggest ball and chain in your life: a long-term phone contract.

How it works: after browsing Rentobile's online selection of phones compatible with your service (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon), pick the device that looks good to you, and a week later you'll be chatting on the phone of your dreams. After a month of fun, you can re-up or, more likely, opt for a new temptress.

The monthly fees can be a tad high ($44-99), but if you've ever been curious about BlackBerry's Storm or the HTC Touch Diamond, now's your chance to sample them. You'll find the site's inventory less comprehensive than it is exclusive, but the upside is there are fashionable gems like Samsung's flashy Giorgio Armani phone.

You've always wanted to be with an Italian.

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