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Wood-Fired Pizza in Jack London Square

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Remember the other day, when you were at that pizza place with the dock...

Oh, wait. You don’t remember that. Because that didn’t exist.

Except it does now. And it’s glorious...

Set anchor at Forge, a new spot specializing in wood-fired pizzas, comfort food and local beer, opening tomorrow in Jack London Square.

Your journey begins on the water. After docking your boat at the restaurant’s designated slip, you’ll want to come in and summon a beer. Maybe Linden Street Brewery’s Burning Oak Black Lager. (You could also just drive over, but that wouldn’t be as fun.)

Tractor-seat bar stools. Flat-screen TVs. Pizzas. That’s what you’ll see here. Basically, the ideal setup for sitting on a stool and watching TV. (Probably while eating pizza.)

The guys behind your pies include the PizzaHacker—that guy who sometimes makes Neapolitan-style pies at Vinyl on a tricked-out Weber grill—and a chef from Dopo and Boot and Shoe Service. Their work here is primarily done on a wood-fired Mugnaini oven imported from Italy, which is good to know in case someone asks for some reason.

And if you find yourself craving pizza made on that Weber, call in advance and they’ll set one up over the waterfront fire pits in the beer garden/patio outside.

Which reminds us: there’s a beer garden/patio outside.

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