Things to do for January 24, 2013

The Weekender

Sushi, Duncan Quinn and Erotica

Critics agree—the weekend is a stirring tour de force.

In Case You’re Eating Lunch Today

In Case You’re Eating Lunch Today

You know Sen. Came over a few months ago from Sag Harbor. They place raw fish on rice. And truffle butter on mushrooms. Yeah, that’s the one. Well, they’re now doing this during the time that falls after breakfast and before dinner. Adjust your lunch plans accordingly.

Mon-Fri, 11:30am-2:30pm, Sen, 12 W 21st St (between 5th and 6th), 212-388-5736, see the menu

A Party Photo Show at W.i.P.

A Party Photo Show at W.i.P.

The world appreciates a man with an eye for exceptionally attractive nightclub dwellers. And among those men, Kenny Rodriguez is, well, kind of legendary. So the nightlife masterminds at W.i.P. are hosting an exhibit of the man’s best work. Expect nudity, Rakim and acceptable levels of Rihanna. In that order.

Through Feb 19, W.i.P., 34 Vandam St (between 6th and Varick), 212-524-9600

A Kinky New Drink Spot in Bushwick

A Kinky New Drink Spot in Bushwick

Mexican skull art. Painstakingly crafted rye cocktails. Velvet Underground homages. French people. Delightfully loose morals. Burlesque that makes you question whether you’ve ever really seen burlesque prior to this. All that is at this new Bushwick drinkery. You should’ve known.

Now open, Bizarre, 12 Jefferson St (between Broadway and Bushwick), Brooklyn, 347-915-2717

Gramercy’s Newest Michelin-Starred Chef

Gramercy’s Newest Michelin-Starred Chef

They don’t just give Michelin stars away in Spain. So it’s probably imperative that you stop by this new Spanish joint in Gramercy to try some gazpachuelo and smoked octopus from a chef who earned two of them there. Don’t say we never hooked you up with some quality gazpachuelo.

Opening soon, Manzanilla, 345 Park Ave S (at 25th), 212-255-4086

Duncan Quinn’s Double-Decker Bus Ride

Duncan Quinn’s Double-Decker Bus Ride

Duncan Quinn makes a hell of a suit. Maybe you own one. Maybe not. Maybe you’d like to. Maybe you like those red double-decker buses in London. Maybe you like cocktails. Maybe it’s your lucky day. Because maybe it’s all coming together in this speakeasy/tailor shop on a bus.

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