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Handsome Stuff to Wear on a Bike

None Tough couple of weeks for the cycling world...

Really, if anyone could use some good news right now, it’s those guys.

Which makes what we’re about to say next all the more meaningful.

Bike shorts are officially dead.

Rejoice and behold Pedaled, a handsome and thoughtful (read: no spandex) collection of menswear that’s made in Japan and designed specifically for cyclists/people who wear clothes, online now.

What you’re working with here: classic, rugged Americana like oxfords, denims and flannels... subtly tweaked to be bike-riding appropriate. So the button-downs have extra give in the back (to accommodate a rider’s lean). The rain jackets have reinforced shoulder patches (to accommodate a bag strap). And the jeans are treated with a reflective finish (to accommodate you not getting hit by a car).

It’s the kind of stuff you’ll want to throw on when you’re taking the bike to work on a casual Friday. Or riding on a tandem 10-speed with LeBron during Critical Mass. Just go to their site. Do that thing you do when you want to buy something off a site. And make sure you include the waterproof waxed-cotton trench coat in your order. It’s specially designed for night riding.

And private detective work.

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