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Behold: Duck Fat Bourbon Nachos

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First, the bad news: you’ve been eating nachos wrong. Sorry.

Now, some good news: you’re about to eat nachos right. Very right. You’re welcome...

Dip into Tango & Stache’s Nacho Fiesta, a bourboned-up version of your go-to Super Bowl snack, available at Rye on the next two Thursdays and at Dalva on Super Bowl Sunday.

The basic ingredients are these: 101-proof bourbon. Vermouth and whiskey. Bacon-fat-seared pork, smoked cheese, jalapeños and duck-fat chips. They all come together in meaty, cheesy, crispy deliciousness—perfect for celebrating victory/consoling yourself after defeat. (Here’s hoping it’s the former.)

Order at one of Tango & Stache’s pop-ups. Then, owner/Bar Bambino vet chef Josh will pile the bacon-fat-fried, Wild Turkey–marinated pork, smoked cheese sauce and vermouth baked beans on top of those homemade duck-fat tortilla chips. Finally, it’s finished off with whiskey-pickled jalapeños and cilantro-lime chutney.

Inevitably, you’ll pair it with straight bourbon. Though a frosty beer would work, too.

Take that, Baltimore.

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