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Once upon a time (okay, it was 2011), there was a place called Wildwood Snowmass.

And it was good.

You skied there. You après-skied there. You performed unparalleled feats of brandy- and hot-tub-related revelry there.

But then... it closed, and you moved on.

Well, it’s time to reintroduce yourself.

Say hello to the second coming of Wildwood Snowmass, the renovated and redesigned ski lodge for... skiing. But also: local beers, pinball and heated pool sessions. It’s now open in Snowmass Village.

The scene here: more hip party spot than, say, Alpine chalet. (The design team includes some Ace Hotel alums.) So you won’t find a stuffed grizzly in the lobby, but you will find a snow-leopard throw rug painted on the floor, white bookshelves full of board games and colorful couches for playing those games fireside. (Reminder: Jenga tiles are flammable.)

Before the season’s over, book a room and abscond here straightaway. Start your day on the slopes (the ones outside your door or in nearby Aspen), then take a quick tour. Note the Canteen restaurant with communal tables... a projector showing old ski footage... a heated pool with two hot tubs... Yeah, you’ll definitely be employing those later.

And when nighttime rolls around (or anytime, really), there’s a below-deck beer hall for drinking Fat Tire on tap. Oh, and an old-school arcade.

It’s just not a ski trip without Pac-Man...


Wildwood Snowmass
40 Elbert Ln
Snowmass Village, CO, 81615


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