Seeing Blue

The Latest in Hangover Technology

The morning after the Super Bowl is always a unique test of character.
One requiring a good excuse or a great hangover cure. In the interest of preserving your sick days, we may have just found the latter.

Introducing Code Blue, a new elixir that might be the end of the hangover as we know it.

Now, we've all heard this song and dance before from one herbal witch doctor or another, but we have hope since this post-cocktail cocktail has some of the same ingredients found in the intravenous fluids ERs dish out when patients come in for alcohol poisoning—just made drinkable and poured into a bottle for easy access. That means it's got an unholy amount of B vitamins, a few electrolytes and an antioxidant so rare we can't even spell it.
Plus, an old-school Gatorade scientist helped concoct the formula. And maybe most importantly, we feel a whole lot better (don't even ask us what happened last night).

As for the taste, the resulting flavor isn't exactly the nectar of the gods—in fact, it's more like Kool-Aid mixed with Pedialyte—but you've got more to worry about than taste.
Hey, you can't go hair of the dog every day. (Really, you can't.)

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