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Rum and Empanadas in the Mission

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It’s not not possible to get into Cuba.

But it ain’t easy. Well, unless you like swimming long distances or pretending you’re Canadian.

One solution: have it come to you, in convenient restaurant form...

Say hola to Caña, a Cuban-centric sanctuary replete with the requisite mojitos and empanadas, now soft-open in the Mission.

The scene here: a bit like that Havana gathering of the mobsters in The Godfather: Part II. That is, if said gathering had taken place in a big loft space with glittering chandeliers and sweeping white curtains. And if Hyman Roth pressed his own sugarcane for making a mean mojito.

You have a couple possible moves here. For a little warmth, opt for seats at the chef’s counter overlooking the wood-burning oven. If you want something more formal—say, for a certain upcoming romantic holiday (Presidents’ Day, of course)—the dining room’s vibe is all white tablecloth.

Wherever you sit, you’ll want to order the shredded-pork lechón asado, some beef empanadas and maybe a potato/chorizo flatbread for the table. To wash it down: a gin-spiked But Hemingway Ain’t Cuban, or perhaps the reposado/serrano-chili Some Like It Hot. Those should power you through their eventual live-music nights with Afro-Cuban jazz and/or salsa.

If they don’t, nothing will.


500 Florida St
(at Mariposa St)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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