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Beer and Housemade Sausage in Noe Valley

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You’ve got to hand it to the Germans: pretty much a perfect concept they’ve come up with there.

In fact, if you had your druthers, you would only change two things. 1) You’d move it from Germany to here. 2) You’d rename it Januaryfest.

Proof that great minds think alike: Caskhouse, a low-key neighborhood spot full of beer and other Germanic wonders, now open in Noe Valley.

The decor: not really the point. It’s handsome, modest—there’s a black-walnut bar lit by giant miner’s lamps, and woodsy flourishes everywhere. But you’re coming here—with a big group of fellow beer enthusiasts or just for a quick pre-date pop-in—for what’s on the menu.

On that menu: homemade soft pretzels dusted with Caskhouse’s bacon powder. Porter-braised short rib sliders. Standard damn-this-would-taste-good-with-a-beer-type stuff. (And soon, they’ll be making sausages in-house. Which, yeah... big win there.)

Speaking of beer, most of what’s here is locally brewed. On tap: Oak Town brown ale from Walnut Creek’s Calicraft, which just started distributing outside of the brewery. In cans: Santa Cruz’s Uncommon Brewers’ Baltic Porter.

In giant glass novelty boots: nothing...



3853 24th St
(at Vicksburg St)
San Francisco, CA, 94114


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