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The Five Sexiest Tables in Town

February 14. You know it as the day that comes after February 13. Your better half knows it as Valentine’s Day. Aka the day you wine and dine them like no other. Below, the five best tables for doing just that.

UD - Cruzado

Table #7, Cruzado

You Require: The single most exotic table in all of Midtown.
You’ll Receive: Basically an indoor cabana. One that’s bordered by sheer curtains and outfitted with a mojito-flavored hookah. You prefer your shisha muddled.

Cruzado, 366 5th St NE, 404-872-0846

UD - Eleanor’s at Muss and Turner’s

Table #E4, Eleanor’s

You Require: Somewhere with lots of candles, lots of bourbon and just enough privacy.
You’ll Receive: A wooden two-top in a windowless speakeasy. It’s going to be dark. Real dark. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

UD - Barcelona Wine Bar

Table #81, Barcelona Wine Bar

You Require: Maybe some paella. Definitely a starry sky. Oh, and a full-bodied red to drink under that starry sky.
You’ll Receive: The patio’s best table. It’s directly to the right of the brick fireplace. Which’ll be that thing radiating heat. Your date likes to be nicely toasted at dinner.

UD - F&B

Table #10, F&B

You Require: That whole French-restaurant thing.
You’ll Receive: The tail end of a curved banquette that backs right up against a window into the kitchen. Lovingly gaze at your steak frites as it’s given that perfect medium-rare sear. Okay, stop pressing your face against the glass...

F&B, 3630 Peachtree Rd NE, 404-254-1797

UD - Modern Restaurant + Bar

Table #90, Modern Restaurant + Bar

You Require: A table fit for a king. Or a mob boss.
You’ll Receive: A table you can’t refuse (they call it the mafia booth for a reason). It overlooks the entire dining room, has floor-t0-ceiling curtains and comes with its own consigliere... we mean, waiter.

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