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Renting a Slopeside Manse in Steamboat

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When you think winter, you think skiing.

And when you think skiing, you think about renting a 10,000-square-foot slopeside funhouse in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, that makes that girl’s house in Dumb and Dumber look like a shack.

Well, at least now you’ll think that...

Because you’re about to cross the threshold of Over the Edge, a ski-in/ski-out Steamboat manse that was basically built for all your indoor-tennis-courting and patio-hot-tubbing needs (and skiing, if there’s time), available for rent now.

Think of this as the next best thing to... not much, actually. It’s kind of the greatest thing ever—just a gigantic house with gigantic rooms full of bars and pool tables and shuffleboard tables and movie theaters and basketball courts and tennis courts. Okay, so there’s only one of each. Still, not a bad après-anything scenario.

So get out there. Slap on a pair of skis and throw some Aspen Extreme quotes around. You’re in Steamboat, have some fun. And at the end of the day, go to this place. Just ski right in there. It’s home now.

Hope you like mountains.

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