FIG Restaurant

Fig of Speech

New Seaside Bistro in Santa Monica

UrbanDaddy - FIG RestaurantWhen you're by the beach for dinner, your needs are simple.

A breeze. The shadow of a 123-year-old tree. Maybe a fig mojito. FIG Restaurant is now taking reservations for its Tuesday debut.

Now residing inside—sort of—the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, FIG can be found via the hotel's valet if your evening's on the up-and-up, or its own discreet entrance around the corner on Second Street if it's...not. Either way, you'll wind your way toward a bright seasonal bistro with communal table, cheese and charcuterie bar, and plenty of figs in unexpected places. Consider it a worthy but low-key date spot heavy on aphrodisiac buzzwords like...sustainability. (Oh yeah.)

Since the menu's based on farmer's market finds, it may look entirely different on date number two, but you might start with a Wild Mushroom Fricassee, before a Kurobuta Tenderloin and a skillet of Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. And for dessert, a plate of oversized Fig Newtons—okay, they call them FIG Bars, and they're strangely addictive—with Greek Yogurt Ice Cream. Afterward, well...

You're pretty sure she likes long walks on the beach.


FIG Restaurant
Fairmont Miramar
101 Wilshire Blvd
(at Ocean)
Santa Monica
Los Angeles, CA, 90401

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