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Downtown’s Critical New Cheeseburger Joint

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You probably think you know what a cheeseburger is.

There’s a burger. There’s cheese on top.

Sorry. Wrong. That’s not a cheeseburger. This is a cheeseburger...

Welcome to Juicy Lucy, a bold new Downtown lunch counter slinging burgers with melted cheese in the middle, officially opening tomorrow at 11am.

A little backstory: you remember Savory, that nice place in Malibu—it wasn’t a burger joint, but everybody talked about the burger anyway. Funny how that happens. So yeah, that chef has gone ahead and opened a covert Downtown counter devoted exclusively to thick, crackling burgers with gooey, cheesy centers—they’re cooked in controlled-vapor ovens, then quickly seared. It’s... a step up from grilling.

A little future story: as of tomorrow, you can eat one. (Or two: yes, you can make it a double.) It’s strictly a weekday lunch-break situation for now—just head to the new FIGat7th complex with some friends or briefly tolerable coworkers and seek out the shiny new counter on the first floor. Have half the group grab a courtyard table while the rest handle the ordering. Burgers. Salted caramel shakes. Sriracha-and-cheese-topped fries.

The world is not yet ready for cheese-filled fries.

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