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Sleeping in an Amsterdam Diamond Factory

B2a6f45ae83919190fa47529396cd95f5a8f01685 PhotosSir Albert
Hey, let’s go to Amsterdam.

C’mon. It’ll be great. They’ve got picturesque canals, famous museums, killer fondue and—supposedly—an entire neighborhood dedicated to red lightbulbs.

Also: this place...

Waltz your mental self into Sir Albert, an old diamond factory that’s suddenly transformed into your base of Amsterdam-ing operations, opening January 13 but taking reservations now.

It’s pretty simple: you’re going to Amsterdam. For business. Or pleasure. Potentially even the business of pleasure. And you’ll need a place with a bed. A place with complimentary bicycles, a former Nobu chef and a library of literary tomes from around the world, the better to contemplate the human condition. This is that place.

Walking up, you’ll say to yourself, “This place looks like an old diamond factory.” Partly because we already told you that. But also because of its massive brick facades and sprawling ceilings that just ooze wealth and efficiency. Inside, though: different story. Meaning supremely Euro’d-out furniture, an extensive pillow menu and a robata grill presided over by said ex-Nobu chef.

So go ahead. Traipse across Vondelpark. Peruse the flower markets. Do things normally considered completely off-limits back home. You’ll feel much better knowing you’ve got a cozy room and round-the-clock room service waiting for you.

You know how hungry you get around flower markets.

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