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A Suite Floating 216 Feet over Prague

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You don’t ask for much over the holidays.

Just a snow-covered castle, a night at the opera, good beer, “real” absinthe and, if possible, a room with a view.

Seeing how you’ve been especially good this year, ascend to the One Room Hotel at Tower Park Praha, a brand-new super-suite perched upon Prague’s 700-foot Žižkov TV tower, taking reservations now.

Okay, so, Prague—there’s the Charles Bridge, the clock tower, the world’s largest castle and... all that other stuff we mentioned earlier. Pretty much a real-life snow globe wonderland—except for that giant, Star Trek–looking observation tower. Focus your sights on that right now.

Specifically, 216 feet up that tower. There’s your hotel room. Hint: it’s the one between the sculptures of babies crawling up the side (hey, it’s art). It’s also the only room. Have a look around: you’ve got a Bose sound system, a horsehair-stuffed bed worth more than a new Mercedes and a bathtub placed strategically in front of your panoramic window. (Also: some really nice drapes.)

All in all: pretty decent option for some holiday slumber-party action. When you’re hungry, head one floor down: there’s a restaurant helmed by the Czech Republic’s only Michelin-starred chef. And when you’re ready to join the rest of the world, just take the elevator down and walk outside.

Hey, you can see your room from there.


One Room Hotel at Tower Park Praha
Mahlerovy Sady 2699/1
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic
+420 210 320 081
official website


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