Things to do for December 20, 2012

The Weekender

Watching A Christmas Story and Lunching with a Top Chef

The weekend doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Tre Wilcox Is Making You Lunch

Tre Wilcox Is Making You Lunch

Abacus, Marquee Grill, Thursday nights on Bravo. Yeah, you’re familiar with Tre Wilcox. And soon, you’ll be eating lunch at his house, because he’s hosting you and four others for a little cooking demo and a multicourse feast. Remember, elbows off the table.

This Way for Coffee and Wine

This Way for Coffee and Wine

Ascension Coffee’s now open in the Design District, which means your days can start with strong espresso, casually progress into breakfast tacos and end with some wine. Yes, they’re serving wine at night. And no, you can’t move in. (Sorry.)

A Christmas Story at the Texas Theatre

<em>A Christmas Story</em> at the Texas Theatre

It’s that time of year again. Pink bunny suits... snowball fights... Red Ryder BB guns. Yup, the Texas Theatre’s showing A Christmas Story, so grab a hot drink, get comfortable and watch what happens when someone sticks their tongue to a frozen flagpole.

Spending the Apocalypse in a Beer Garden

Spending the Apocalypse in a Beer Garden

Well, the world’s supposed to end Friday. So this would be a good time to get your affairs in order/try some really strong beers. On the beer front, Goodfriend’s featuring six potent IPAs and some live musical acts. We’ll let you try and guess which one Fish Fry Bingo is.

After-Christmas Brunching at Gin Mill

After-Christmas Brunching at Gin Mill

Boxing Day is... well, we’re not really sure. But apparently it’s a valid excuse for having brunch. So get to the Gin Mill the day after Christmas for eggs, potato pancakes and smoked salmon. Plus all the mimosas and Bloody Marys you want. You could really get the hang of this Boxing Day thing.

Dec 26, 11am-3pm, The Gin Mill, 1921 N Henderson Ave, 214-824-3343

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