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A Beverly Hills Library for Steak and Oysters

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Things are a little hectic right now.

Last night, you hit a pop-up holiday party that was happening inside another holiday party. Enough already.

You just want to tuck quietly into a handsome Beverly Hills library for some steak and oysters amid the soothing whispers of WME agents amiably making a deal...

For your consideration: Bedford & Burns, a blue-hued home of meats, pizzas and leisurely reading material, opening... soon. (Read on.)

First off, you’ll find this place on Bedford. It’s owned by the family Burns, who’ve had restaurants around here for almost a century. So there’s the name. Moving on.

And as for where you’ll move on to: yes, it’s a restaurant. One that looks like the living room of your regal expat uncle, who always has a story about his years on the high seas—think nautical colors, maritime oil paintings and bookshelves stocked with tomes on art, yachts and surfing magazines. In case you want to catch up on your reading between bites of filet mignon, cheddar cheese biscuits and crispy chicken chipotle pizzas.

And considering its neighbor—WME—you’ll likely come here for the kind of meal that involves talk of martinis and percentages. And this will all happen any day now. They’re just tying up some last loose ends, and then boom. Martinis.

You love it when martinis sneak up on you.


Bedford & Burns
369 N Bedford Dr
(at Brighton Way)
Los Angeles, CA, 90210


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