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Austrian Skiing with Rooftop Hot Tubs

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Say you were handed the keys to an old, quaint farm cottage. One built circa 1350 AD. A real fixer-upper. Oh, PS: it’s located in a valley somewhere in Austria.

The first step is obvious. Install outdoor plumbing. After that... well, who knows.

Good news. Someone does. Welcome to Wiesergut, a cozy ski retreat complete with rooftop hot tubs, snugly nestled in the Austrian Alps. It’s now open.

You know this part of Hinterglemm, of course. The rolling hills. The lore of the 1991 Alpine Ski World Championships. The best damn lederhosen a tailor this side of Innsbruck can sew. Totally familiar territory.

So the owners of the resort didn’t want to mess with that history. You’re still in a fairly intimate setting—there are 25 rooms close enough to the slopes for you to ski directly to them. Sure, these rooms are now stuffed with all the fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary furnishings they can hold. (The Middle Ages were terrible with ergonomic chairs.)

If you want homey, they make their own marmalade and weizenbrot, the local bread, to spread it on. But if there’s one thing you like more than freshly baked weizenbrot, it’s a spa outfitted with rooftop whirlpools and an outside bathtub that looks out on the mountains—and all the Austrian masseuses you need to go with them.

We think two or three should do it.

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