Resolutionary War

Introducing Your Anti-Resolutions

And now, the cycle begins again. Once the clock strikes midnight next week, you’ll spit out that champagne, get a good night’s rest and become a completely new, bright-eyed person. Well... maybe. And on the off chance that actually happens—below, a few indulgences to partake in beforehand...

UD - $1,200 Sashimi by a Nobu Alum

$1,200 Sashimi by a Nobu Alum

First, you’ll leave the city for the peninsula. Second, you’ll indulge in a seven-step staircase involving lobster sashimi topped with a 24-karat gold leaf, caviar and Wagyu shabu-shabu. You should know it’s all prepped by a Nobu vet of 20 years. Note: no actual stair-climbing is required.

$1,200, available at Katsu, 160 W Main St, Los Gatos, 408-354-0712

UD - Baskets Full of Champagne and Caviar

Baskets Full of Champagne and Caviar

There’s no replicating the French Laundry’s notorious Champagne & Caviar Pairing course. But this set comes close: it’s stocked with caviar, blanc de blancs and a blini mix prepared by the French Laundry kitchen (with two mother-of-pearl caviar spoons) in a leather box. You knew there’d be mother-of-pearl.

UD - Almanac’s Dandelion Chocolate Beer

Almanac’s Dandelion Chocolate Beer

You like chocolate. You like beer. So... you’ll probably like this: a chocolate beer made with 50 pounds of Dandelion Chocolate’s cacao nibs per batch. We’re no math majors, but... that sounds like a lot. Chocolate milk won’t know what hit it.

Available on tap at The Sycamore (bottles in January), 2140 Mission St (between 17th and 18th), 415-252-7704

UD - Bridge-to-Bridge Views from Bed

Bridge-to-Bridge Views from Bed

Sometimes, decadence is as simple as staying in bed. A bed that also entitles you to a helicopter ride, dinner with gin pairings and spa treatments. Not to mention an epic view. Like we said: simple.

UD - Horsehide Jackets at Self Edge

Horsehide Jackets at Self Edge

So Self Edge teamed up with Himel Brothers leather out of Toronto (that legendary leather town) to make this limited-run horsehide jacket. It’ll set you back two grand, look great when you ride a motorcycle and single-handedly get you uninvited to PETA’s holiday party.

$1,950, available at Self Edge, 714 Valencia St (at 18th), 415-558-0658

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