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H.W. Carter & Sons Has a Shop of Its Own

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Listen very carefully.

Get all your holiday shopping done, immediately.

Make sure everyone is covered. Leave no distant relative behind.

Because there will be no money left for them after you see this place...

Introducing H.W. Carter & Sons, a large, wooded Brooklyn expanse militantly dedicated to making you a more ruggedly handsome dresser, now open in Williamsburg.

The company started in the 19th century, making overalls and other stuff you’d see on train engineers. Recently, it was brought back to life online. And now, it’s in glorious store form, with some natty new additions: chambray button-downs, raw denim and a blanket-lined, waxed-canvas jacket that’s the Platonic ideal of outerwear.

And a little help from some friends...

There’s a star-spangled Gitman Vintage button-down. A speckled-wool topcoat from Our Legacy. A fur-collar camo jacket. Japanese folding knives. Stone Island parkas. The list just goes on.

Gaze upon the wall of boots—McNairy to Oak Street. There are dartboards on the wall, because dartboards look cool on walls. The large marble table in the middle of the place has some dandy leather goods and bandanas just waiting for the day when you say yes to manual labor.

Could be a while.


H.W. Carter & Sons
127 N 6th St
(near Berry)
Brooklyn, NY, 11249


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