A&D Neighborhood Bar

A&D Neighborhood Bar

A Bar with Pickled Eggs and Meat Loaf

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First, there was sausage and homemade pasta. And it was good.

Then: sandwiches with chimichurri steak and pork terrine. It was great.

Well, here comes a cocktail-and-beer bar right between them. It’s called A&D Neighborhood Bar, it’s from the kimchi- and charcuterie-loving brain trust that brought you Seasonal Pantry and Sundevich. And it’s open.

Housed in a former gallery on 9th, this is one of those places that feels instantly familiar in all the right ways. Brick: yup. Dark wood: sure. Tin ceiling, candles: oh, yes. Ball jars for your cocktails: and how (we mean even little tiny Ball jars for your shots of whiskey).

The play: post-work. And you’ve got a couple options. 1) A Schlitz tallboy can and pickled eggs from the tiny kitchen at the end of the bar. Call it the Archie Bunker option.

2) Something a little more adventurous, like the 54th (rye, dark rum, cherry syrup) or the 9th St Coquito (eggnog with coconut milk, rum and brandy).

And once you get into the holiday spirit, you can suggest that you repair to a six-top in the back dining room for a round of Great Lakes porter and, well, dinner, in the form of meat loaf patty melts, beef tongue Reubens and poutine with chips and bacon.

All your classic holiday staples.


A&D Neighborhood Bar
1314 9th Street NW
(at N St NW)
Washington, DC, 20001


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