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You might’ve heard: The Black Cat is now open. If you hadn’t: The Black Cat is now open. It’s kind of a big deal. And there are exactly five things you need to know.

1. It’s from the Village Idiot guys. So yeah, this is another neighborhood-pub kind of place—this one’s got elegant coffered ceilings, green tufted banquettes and plenty of mahogany. Like at the Idiot, you can come for lunch, drinks, dinner... drinks again...

2. This time there’s fig bourbon. Try the Halflight—it’s that plus fernet and blood orange bitters.

3. The chef used to be at Lou on Vine. That’s good news. Over here, he’s thinking burger. He’s thinking individually made lasagnas. In short, he’s thinking good thoughts.

4. The place has some real history. Back in the day, Black Cat Tavern was a gay bar that got raided by the cops. It... looks a little different in here now. But on the walls are pictures of activists protesting the raid, and the original sign with the smiling black cat is still out front. The name’s meant as a tribute.

5. What you see isn’t what you get. The menu will be much bigger soon. Brunch launches this weekend. And before long, you can order some “bottled and bubbled” cocktails—think carbonated Negronis and Sazeracs.

Be careful not to shake before opening.

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