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Beer and Sausage on a Hollywood Patio

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Now that we’ve got your attention...

Let’s get right to discussing Berlin Currywurst, a Hollywood shrine to the most important German things in life besides Heidi Klum—yes, sausage and beer—hoping to open tomorrow on Cahuenga.

If the name seems familiar, it’s because Heidi Klum is a supermodel. Also, Berlin Currywurst is a solid Silver Lake spot that’s been around for a couple years. A go-there-and-sit-at-a-picnic-table kind of place. Then you order a plate of German sausages (pork, beef, chicken or even tofu), spiced how you like it, and maybe some kraut and a beer. It’s pretty delicious.

Sorry for the tangent. Actually, no, it’s relevant. Because you can get that stuff here, but more of it. More German beer. More of that Euro-hipster concrete minimalism thing. More patio. More beers. (They’ve got 12.) But it’s also walkable from the Hollywood bars, when you need a low-key fuel-up break. From the ArcLight, when you need the dinner half of dinner-and-a-movie. From the Walk of Fame, when you need...

To not be on the Walk of Fame.


Berlin Currywurst
1620 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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