It Takes a Villa

A Couples Retreat in the Costa Rican Jungle

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It isn’t for everyone.

Clooney. Nuns. The Dalai Lama.

Honeymoons, though. Those sound fun. If only you could somehow separate the magical-journey-into-the-wild-Kama-Sutric-unknown parts from the... y’know, the marriage-y parts.

Oh, right, there’s this place:

Introducing Kurà Design Villas, six glass-enclosed habitats of borderline-silly romanticity that just popped up on a cliff in Costa Rica, now open and taking reservations.

Okay, technically reservations here don’t require a marriage license. But as each villa boasts a maximum occupancy of two, you’ll want to bring only your most special someone. And if that someone happens to be your stewardess from the flight down, so be it.

Also: that someone should probably be okay with heights—you’ll pass plenty of “WARNING: Dangerous Road” signs on the 4x4 ride up the mountain. It also wouldn’t hurt if they appreciated balsa-wood masks carved by local tribespeople, because... they’re everywhere here.

Oh, right, there’s romantic stuff. Fifteen-foot bamboo ceilings. His-and-hers rain showers (with a lenient open-door policy, we assume). Not to mention a king-size bed facing floor-to-ceiling windows that open to views resembling a highlight reel from Planet Earth’s “Jungles” episode (minus the David Attenborough).

So grab whatsername and step onto the terrace. There’s a hammock with your names on it. Pick up your binoculars. Look at that hill: there’s your saltwater infinity pool, blasting house music through its underwater sound system.

Now show your beloved the mermaid rave of her dreams.

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