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A Peek Inside FiDi’s New Hakkasan

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Last week, you feasted.

This week, you recover.

Next week, you feast again. And you’ll be doing it inside something called the Cage...

Brace yourself for Hakkasan, a sexy Cantonese sanctuary with smart cocktails, nightly DJs and weekend dim sum, opening Monday in FiDi.

If you’ve been to any of the other nine Hakkasans—in New York, Dubai or London—you’ll recognize the sapphire-hued accents, the carved wood, the tons of Carrara marble. (You’d recognize that marble anywhere.) One key difference: this one has the biggest bar of them all.

It’s the sort of place you’ll keep in your back pocket for some noontime deal closing. Reserve one of the dragon-embroidered banquettes (they’re flown in from Shanghai) in the dining room they call the Cage. (Presumably to honor Nicolas.) Take the elevator up, settle in and summon one or three gin martinis and a spread of Mongolian-Style Venison Stir-Fry or Black Truffle Roasted Duck.

Or if you’re here at night for a different sort of deal closing, venture to the opposite side of the massive, blue-lit bar to the DJ-equipped Ling Ling Lounge, where you’ll down smoky Negronis made from gin aged in oak barrels. You’ll also want to hit the sommelier bar—tucked toward the back of the main bar—for easy access to the ample wine and sake selection, as well as to the guy behind it all.

You love that guy.

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