Cash Is King

Trading Gifts for Cold Hard Cash

Cash is always king. But when times are tough, you can always use a bit more green in your pocket. And while dividends from your investment off of the career of the next supermodel or earning royalties every time "Dream On" plays on the radio are certainly noble ways to achieve a little more liquidity, we think perhaps unloading some of your more stocking-born assets may be the way to go.
So as the last of your holiday gifts have finally trickled in, take stock of the gift cards, headphones and Yanni DVDs that you really don't need, and turn to the services below. (Note: You may be stuck with the Yanni DVDs...)
Gift Card Rescue
$50 of glory at Applebee's? $100 worth of decorative soaps at Bath & Body Works? Think of Gift Card Rescue as a pawnshop, just without Sal behind the counter and mountains of useless "antiques." Instead, they'll buy your gift card for cold hard cash (at about a 30 percent discount), or let you trade up to a more coveted card (think iTunes).

There's a decent chance that after the holiday gifting binge that you're sitting on a mountain of electronics that you can't possibly use (at least not without incurring a traumatic repetitive-stress injury). Keep the Wii, ditch everything else. Take your unneeded gear and type in the specs on Gazelle's site—they'll come up with a price, send you a box to mail in your gear and cut you a check once they have it in hand. And you can get back to more important things. Like Guitar Hero.

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