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An Airstream Full of Winter Jackets

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Next week’s shaping up to be a doozy.

First, you’ve got to make it through three days of work.

Then, eat an entire meal with your family.

And all the while, devise some sort of strategy for Black Friday.

Two words of advice: skip it.

One hundred and eighty more words of advice:

Check out Aetherstream, a mobile trailer that’s housing a bunch of ski pants, winter jackets and other Aether things you like to wear when it’s cold, popping up next Friday in the Plaza at Preston Center.

So, yes, there’ll be coats/blizzard-resistant ripstop hoodies. But also, a floor covered in reclaimed oak, walls covered in vintage ski photos, a crackling fireplace and, if you look hard enough (hint: check the military filing cabinets), a bottle of 25-year-old scotch. Yup, just your regular urban loft meets hunting lodge meets trailer home.

Whatever you do, don’t set your alarm and jump out of bed early next Friday. Seriously. Sleep in, make some eggs, put those eggs on a leftover turkey sandwich. You’ve got plenty of time. This thing is staying put for five weeks. Just wait till you’re good and ready (or chilly), and then drop by and get yourself something waterproof and fleece-lined for winter.

Or get someone else something waterproof and fleece-lined for winter. You know, there is a certain gift-giving holiday on the horizon.

Oh wait, Veterans Day already happened.


at The Plaza at Preston Center
(SE corner of NW Highway and Preston Rd)


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