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Ah, the Himalayas...

As far as remote, monk-heavy mountain ranges clouded in mysticism go, it’s one of your favorites.

So, we agree: it’s about time you visit.

Grab your toboggan and head east (or west, whatever) to the Khyber Mountain Resort & Spa, a secluded Himalayan retreat for winter skiing, summer golfing and year-round gondola rides, taking reservations now and opening December 20.

You might be familiar with Sir Edmund Hillary. You know, the guy who first climbed Everest. Well, you two are about to have even less in common. Because his base camp was a frigid tent. And yours comes equipped with 85 rooms, an indoor pool, a Moroccan hookah lounge and heat. Plenty of heat. It’s all about the little things...

Begin your stay with a tour to get your bearings. Notice a couple restaurants here, a cigar lounge over there. And just outside: the gondola. Go ahead and climb in to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, right, the view. It’s spectacular. Being nearly 14,000 feet up tends to do that.

But this place isn’t all cigars and views. There’s a mountain to explore. So dial up your concierge to book a sleigh ride, or head into the ski shop to get outfitted for the slopes.

Inquire about a sheepskin flask, perhaps.


Khyber Mountain Resort & Spa
Pinnacle site (near the gondola)
Gulmarg, Kashmir 193403
+91 990 660 3272
official website


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