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Next-Level Stargazing in the Chilean Andes

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When you wish upon a star... nothing happens.

Don’t get emotional about it. Stars are millions of light-years away. Wishes just can’t travel that fast.

But when you wish upon several billion stars from a mountaintop cabana for two... things definitely happen.

Introducing The Observatory Rooms at Elqui Domos, a slate of astronomically inclined slumber pads in Chile, taking reservations now.

For years, this has been the go-to spot for anyone whose idea of paradise involves observatory-shaped tents with retractable stargazing roofs. But now, they’ve added an actual observatory—cartoonishly large telescope and all—plus some new accommodations to make your stay a bit more date friendly.

So grab an astrologically compatible someone and come on down. It’s a long walk from town, so take a car. And some water. Because you’re headed for the desert. The world’s driest desert, actually. But that lack of cloud cover (and civilization) also makes it the stargazing capital of the world, so... it kinda evens out.

Your accommodations: one of four new, multitiered cozyplexes resembling Frank Lloyd Wright’s interpretation of a log cabin. On the first floor: your living room. Above that: your bedroom, with a huge Milky Way–facing window placed strategically above your bed. And above that: a private observation deck.

And above that: another deck for observing your observations.

Kidding. It’s just space.


The Observatory Rooms at Elqui Domos
Camino Público Pisco Elqui a Horcón, km 3.5
Pisco Elqui
+56 9 7709 2879
official website


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