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Introducing the $2 Rental Car

UrbanDaddy - MintIt's a brand-new year, and you're resolved to do a bit more off-the-island adventuring—preferably not involving a tiny bag of peanuts and an emergency exit row. Luckily, we've been working on an auto bailout of our own for you...and it just passed.

Introducing Mint, the recently launched car rental outfit with a game-changing new plan that prices your afternoon jaunts at just $2 an hour.

It's a familiar setup if you've ever used Zipcar: Sign up, choose a car online from one of ten garages around the city, unlock the car with your member card and drive off into the sunset (or into tunnel traffic). The difference this time around is the price tag...which is about the same as a bagel or a thimble of Johnnie Blue. They're offering up an entire class of autos—a collection of miniscule warriors like Smart cars—for just two bucks an hour, provided you pick it up before 8am and drop it off by 5pm...perfect for that sick day you have planned for next Wednesday.

If you can't make the hours, the price only bumps up to $12 (with gas included), so you'll still be able to make a furniture run for less than the cost of an uptown cab, or jet off for a day in Atlantic City for the cost of a Swedish massage.

Then you can start breaking some of the less important resolutions.

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