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They say a sphere is the perfect shape.

They say that because that’s the shape of meatballs...

Welcome to Meatball Spot, a foreign-policy think tank dedicated to the eradi... nah, it’s a meatball-and-pizza restaurant from a current Top Chef contestant, now open in Town Square.

Maybe you know Carla Pellegrino. She helped run Rao’s for years. Just left Bacio at the Tropicana. Got photographed nude and pouty-lipped in a bathtub full of pasta. There’s that recognition. Anyway, she pats a mean meatball, and this place is her temple to that art.

If you were to ask how many different types of meatballs you’ll have a shot at here—well, that’d be a totally logical question, given the circumstances. And we’d answer you with seven—including a beef-veal-pork blend with romano and a daily special that’ll sometimes be “taco.” We’d also tell you they’ve got Roman-style pizza, too.

Closing time is 1am on weekends, and God knows nothing sounds better at 12:38am on a Saturday in Vegas than a pork-meatball hero with parmesan cream. So round up your buddies and grab a few of the tall chairs at the communal table next to the bar.

They’ve got Batch 19 on draft, which everyone would expect you to get. Or you could order a Cookie Explosion milkshake instead.

Follow your heart.


Meatball Spot
3663 Las Vegas Blvd S
(at Planet Hollywood Casino)
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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