The Joint Barroom

Joint Venture

A Sexy New Lounge in Buckhead

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Quick, we’re going dancing.



Meet The Joint Barroom, a mischievously dark new bar that’s just built for an evening of majestic rhythmic bodily movement, opening tonight in Buckhead.

This is from the Tongue & Groove guys, so it’s very dance-y in here. Blinking lights behind the bar. A massive DJ booth with flat-screens. A stripper pole on the bar. (Go with it.) And above your head: a giant, spiral chandelier. (Hey, your Dougie is nothing without the right lighting.)

Your play is to come here after dinner for drinks and get in a few practice moves before heading next door. Your spirit of choice: maybe a White Dog Manhattan, made with BBQ-flavored bitters and served on draft. (Taps: not just for beer anymore.) Or the damn-near-impossible-to-order-out-loud Ice Loves Coco, made with coconut rum and coconut water and served inside of a coconut shell.

If you’re going with a group, reserve a spot on the mezzanine. There’s a massive leather banquette, where you can summon a jug of moonshine, a few bowls of Jiffy Pop and a plate of beef jerky or two.

Otherwise known as things you’d never want to consume while dancing.

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