The Mercury Method

Mercury Rising

The Hottest Workout in Town. Literally.

Achieving the correct temperature. It’s ideal for great steaks, nice for warm baths and absolutely essential for popsicles.

Apparently, it’s not bad for your abs, either.

So welcome to The Mercury Method, a new gym that’s the cardiovascular equivalent of working out under a heat lamp, now open.

It’s the first fitness studio from Lara Hudson, who basically is the J.K. Rowling of Pilates-training DVDs. Her theory is that when you set the temperature of the workout at precisely 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, your body more efficiently converts glucose into energy. Hence, you’ll see results more quickly. Or something. The point is: bring Gatorade.

There are three types of classes available—strength, stamina and control. You’ll probably want strength, which involves a lot of push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planks and, again, sweating.

You’ll find yourself in a group workout room that is basically a hermetically sealed hot box. Electronic dance music sets the beat and bright lights add to an overall effect that’s not entirely unlike being bombarded by rays from the red sun of Krypton. But unlike Superman, you’re going to get stronger. Your core will firm. Your midsection will flatten.

And plus, nothing gives you washboard abs like Skrillex.


The Mercury Method
1444 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Evergreen and Honore)
Chicago, IL, 60622

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