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A Cush Retreat Hidden in the Swiss Alps

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There are certain things you’re simply expected to do in Switzerland.

Open a bank account.

Ski from a helicopter.


Once those things are out of the way, you’ll require some relaxation.

Here to give you the uninterrupted “you” time you so richly deserve: The Alpina Gstaad, a shimmering oasis in the Swiss Alps, taking reservations now for December 1.

After you’ve spent the day going native—conquering a glacier with nothing but a chopper and a pair of skis, reenacting Snow Dogs with a team of huskies or, once again, yodeling yourself hoarse—head back to your suite for some relaxation.

We should tell you that this is the first five-star hotel to open in Gstaad in a century, but you’ll find the ambience of your room is akin to that of a simple Swiss farmhouse... One Roger Federer would own: private jacuzzi, panoramic views and expansive terraces.

Now, if you find that all that husky-mushing has left you slightly cramped, head down to the spa, where a team of genuine Swiss masseurs will work to unkink you.

By then, you’ll be hungry for what you’re always hungry for when you’re in Switzerland: sushi. Japanese restaurant Megu is standing by with nori and sashimi. Yet if you have the craving to dip something in a fondue pot, traditional restaurant Swiss Stübli is heating exciting things in pots.

It’s like a cheese jacuzzi.

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