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Pie and Mexican Food in Oakland

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Sometimes you want pie. Plain and simple.

Other times you want pie, less plain and less simple. Like with a beer. And what the hell, some chicken mole. And you might even be open to crossing a bridge to get it...

Say hello to Nido and Pietisserie, a dual Mexican eatery/pie counter mashup, opening Tuesday near Jack London Square.

What you have here are two distinct places that just happen to share a roof and kitchen. One’s an earthy cantina (that’s Nido). The other’s a pie spot (take a guess).

We see you bringing an adventurous and/or pie-loving date here. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot the pies on the windowsill outside. (Come to think of it, that’s often a sign you’re in the right place.)

The best seats are at the bar (it’s crafted out of produce pallets). Specifically, you’ll want the corner stools, where you can start with a pint of Linden Street Town Lager (or tequila and mezcal come December), then opt for tacos, ceviche crudo and chicken mole—made by a Chez Panisse alum.

Then, dessert. We’re thinking ice cream. Kidding, you want pie. Pietisserie’s prickly-pear key lime pie is on Nido’s menu. Or everything at the counter is also fair game. There’s chocolate cream with pretzel crust. There’s a spiced apple. There’s...

You can stop drooling now.


444 Oak St
(between 4th and 5th St)
Oakland, CA, 94607


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