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Mixing Your Own Drinks Inside the W

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If the W hotel feels a bit empty these days, it’s not you.

It’s Craft. Craft is gone.

And yes, that means Craft’s short ribs are gone, too.

We know, tough news to hear right before a weekend.

Maybe you should have a drink.

Or, even better, maybe you should invent one.

Take a look at Cook Hall, a new gastropub for sharing small plates and mixing your own cocktails, opening Tuesday inside the W hotel.

Back in the Craft days, this place was closed off to the lobby. Now, you’ll find it more open. More distressed wood-y. There’s a lounge in the front (go ahead, take that couch for a spin), a new bar topped with vintage cocktail tools and a dining room filled with wooden tables and leather chairs. So, yep, altogether pretty cozy.

But back to that bar. You should start there. Try some deviled eggs and the tequila-spiked Grapefruit Cooler. Then move to the dining room and slide into a booth. Here you’ll have plenty of room for larger plates like the hanger steak with chimichurri or the grilled snapper with beet marmalade. Or, like, a lot more deviled eggs.

And should you want to tickle your inner bartender, request a cocktail kit. You’ll get some liquor of your choice, plus a bunch of stuff to mix with brought right to the table.

Hopefully you brought your safety goggles.


Cook Hall
at the W Dallas-Victory
2440 Victory Park Ln
(at Olive St)
Dallas, TX, 75219


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