Afternoon Delight

Your Lunch Hour, Now with a Party

None You’ve never thought, “Gee, what I really want for lunch is the throbbing ambience of a club with a Top 40 DJ. And a sandwich.” Nevertheless, that’s now an option. It’s Lunch Rocks, a roving midafternoon dance party for when you’ve just got to bust a move between meetings. We stopped by the Caulfield for the first one. So before you dive in, just know...

Have a prelunch lunch. You ever had the food at clubs? Yeah, this is like the corporate picnic lunch version of that. But...

The DJ is earning his paycheck. In one half-hour period, he turned Bell Biv DeVoe into an anti-work anthem, encouraged heavy rum-and-Red-Bull consumption at 1:34pm, played Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U” at the exact right time and remixed LMFAO’s “Shots” into “Lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch” before checking his watch and abruptly packing up.

You have to make dancing happen. It’s lunchtime. None of your fellow club lunchers are going to do it. They want to. They’re bobbing their heads in their booths. But it’s up to you.

You’re on the ground floor of this movement. Maybe the world just isn’t ready for this, but it might only be you and 14 other confused people here out of sheer curiosity.

The next one’s happening November 1 at a mystery location. Do some stretches. Bring friends. Start the revolution.

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