Things to do for October 19, 2012

The Weekender

Pizza, More Pizza and the Bandit

Nothing gets tough stains out like a little bit of weekend.

UD - Halloween, Whiskey and Al Pacino

Halloween, Whiskey and Al Pacino

On October 27, Perks is getting you VIP admission to Hudson’s infamous Halloween party, replete with open bar and two floors of debauchery. Elsewhere, you’re getting a flight of delicious whiskey at the Flatiron Room for 40 bucks, and tickets to a private party where you’ll mingle with Anthony Bourdain and bid for Pacino’s collectibles.

UD - Park Avenue’s Pizza Savior

Park Avenue’s Pizza Savior

You’ve tasted the fruits of Forcella. And by fruits, we mean the Neapolitan pizzas with truffle oil and pecorino and the famous fried pizza. Best damn fruits you ever had. Now there’s a new NoMad location for such fruit tastings. Lunch, thy name is Forcella. Always with the fruit.

Opens Oct 19, Forcella, 377 Park Ave S (between 26th and 27th), 212-448-1116

UD - Crif Dogs on Wheels

Crif Dogs on Wheels

Crif Dogs is great for lots of things. Hot dogs buried in cheese, peppers and bacon. Covert entries into PDT. Parallel parking: not so much. Until the food-truck edition of the doggery rolls out today. It’ll be the one that says “Crif Dogs” on the side.

UD - Apolis Is Crashing at Steven Alan

Apolis Is Crashing at Steven Alan

So the fashion do-gooders at Apolis are bringing their wares to Chelsea for this pop-up at Steven Alan. We could tell you about the do-gooding, but nah. We’ll tell you about the Filson-collab briefcase, the alpaca blanket and the checkered scarf (perfect for scarf season). This is why fall exists.

UD - Eggs. On Pizza. This Is Brunch.

Eggs. On Pizza. This Is Brunch.

Oh, you thought you were done with pizza, eh? Well, pizza’s not done with you. Not even close. This time, it’s brunchified. Which means you may well be eating scrambled-egg and zucchini-frittata pies with glasses of montepulciano. If you know what’s good for you...

UD - Denim You Could Kill a Man With

Denim You Could Kill a Man With

The denim provocateurs at Iron Heart have got a little something for you at this pop-up. It’s a 23-ounce denim jacket, fully lined with an honest-to-god blanket, that will immediately vault you ahead of Burt Reynolds on the “greatest trucker-jacket wearers of all time” list.

Oct 20-31, Iron Heart Pop-Up Shop at Self Edge, 157 Orchard St (at Rivington), 212-388-0079

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