Things to do for October 18, 2012

The Weekender

First: Some Brunch. Then: a Bunch of Manhattans.

A weekend saved is a weekend earned.

Guest Bartending at the Mason Bar

Guest Bartending at the Mason Bar

Bartending... solid profession. Hanging out, mixing drinks, saying things like “What’ll it be, mister.” You could totally do that. And now you can. Because the Mason Bar’s letting you guest bartend for a night. Apply online, dust off your shaker tins and bring an audience. Then, quietly hope everyone orders beer.

Stanley Korshak’s Got Your New Shirt

Stanley Korshak’s Got Your New Shirt

Good things come in small packages. Better things come in trunks. Especially when those trunks are full of Texas-made Hamilton shirts. And Stanley Korshak’s got a bunch of them. The blue-and-white-striped poplin ones should do the trick. Unless you came here for pants.

Boulevardier Launches Brunch

Boulevardier Launches Brunch

Hey, more brunch in Bishop Arts. Everything from really-French croque-madames to kinda-French bacon-spinach quiches and duck-leg confit with eggs and grits. This calls for a cocktail. Like a Corpse Reviver #2 (gin, lemon, Lillet, orange liqueur, absinthe). Which... sounds perfect for your average Sunday morning.

Sundays, 11am-3pm, Boulevardier, 408 N Bishop Ave, Ste 108, 214-942-1828

A Weeklong Party at the Grape

A Weeklong Party at the Grape

The Grape’s turning 40, and it’s celebrating with a whole week’s worth of festivities. We’re talking special tasting menus, cheese/wine pairings and discounted drinks. Plus a throwback menu of favorites from the ’70s. Stuff like tournedos béarnaise. Not like bell-bottoms.

Oct 22-27, The Grape, 2808 Greenville Ave, 214-828-1981

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