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So there’s this guy.

Goes by Matthew Kenney. Looks like a soap star. He could play murderous twin surgeons who get possessed and stranded on a desert island, respectively.

Point is, he’s got a healthy/chiseled LA look happening, and he’s also a James Beard–nominated chef who wants to feed you some cocktails and kale. Lots of kale.

Welcome to a sun-dappled restaurant called M.A.K.E.—the kind of aggressively good-for-you place that won’t let vegetables get hotter than 105 degrees but will hook you up with a cocktail and... free wi-fi—officially opening Friday.

You’ll find this spot at Santa Monica Place, not far from the beach and right next to Kenney’s culinary school. You can ignore the culinary school.

What you’ll do is come for a quick lunch when you’re with hippie surfers, a lithe vegan yogi or just your laptop and an overriding urge to do something nice to your body after a night of... not doing nice things to your body. Head past the bar—it appears to be topped with grass, but they do have vodka—for a seat on the sunny patio. Order a California Kale Salad, some lasagna and chocolate walnut cake.

Only thing you should know is, this is a raw-food place. So nothing gets, like, cooked, not really.

So the term “cake” is sort of relative here.


395 Santa Monica Pl, Ste 333
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


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