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If the Garden of Eden Opened a Hotel

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The Garden of Eden.

Sure, it had clean water. Fresh produce. Liberal dress code.

But it was utterly devoid of hot tubs, wine cellars, masseuses or anything close to a respectable thread count.

Thankfully, somebody invented Brazil...

So set your sights on Botanique Hotel & Spa, a heavenly compound of pristine natural wonders and the well-appointed villas that help you love them, accepting reservations now for a November 1 opening.

This place looks just as it did 200 million years ago: virgin river valleys, zero cars (they’re banned here), farm-to-table dining, the whole nine. Well, minus a few marauding dinosaurs. And plus a few luxuriously rustic villas. Oh, and one glass-walled mega-lodge made from nothing but the property’s own natural resources.

See, you’ve come here to connect with nature. Which explains why you’ll have your own private garden. And why your masseuse will use oils drawn straight from that garden. Though it may not explain why your massage’s soundtrack consists of indigenous Afro-Brazilian chanting. (Just assume Pandora’s getting weird down here.)

And that’s great. You love nature. You love chanting. But after a long day of exploring on Olympic-caliber thoroughbreds (they’re complimentary), you’ll need something to relax the mind—that’s when you’ll turn to their collection of rare pre-Castro stogies from Havana.

You wouldn’t want Communism to intrude on your commune.


Botanique Hotel & Spa
Rua Elídio Gonçalves da Silva, 4000
Bairro dos Mellos, Campos do Jordão
CEP: 12460-000
São Paulo, Brazil
55 12 3797 6877
official website


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