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An American-Made Golf Shop in Bishop Arts

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It’s a numbers game: 50% mental, 40% physical and 10% sartorial.

Well, we can’t help you with those first two. But here are some really nice fleece vests.

Behold Pebble + Pine, an all-American golf outfitter that’s less about monster drivers and more about USA-made polos and flasks, opening tomorrow in Bishop Arts.

Imagine a pro shop. Except way more homey and kind of like an industrial loft. Because in addition to the racks of Criquet polos and Scotty Cameron putters, it’s got distressed wood floors and shelves made from ladders. Plus a couch for lounging with your beer. Oh right, there’s a keg full of beer.

That’s like... a whole keg’s worth of reasons to come here. So after lunch at Lockhart or before dinner at Eno’s, stop inside. Browse the golf-related books on the front table, then find your new Sunday scramble pants along the wall (maybe that navy twill number from Grown & Sewn). Next, head straight for the bar cart in the back. It’s got a bunch of fine-looking flasks and bottle openers. For sand-trap-related consolation.

And if you just need a place to watch golf or practice your putting, that’s fine, too. Because there’s a flat-screen and a putting green all laid out for you.

Remember, it’s all in the hips.


Pebble + Pine
408 N Bishop Ave, Ste 104
Dallas, TX, 75208


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