Ghost Town

Throwing a Haunted Halloween Party

Your Halloween planning’s coming along nicely. The costume: being fireproofed. The pumpkin: now a punch bowl. Your party: not haunted. Yet. Let’s fix that. Here are five possibly possessed places for the 31st. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum

Legend has it: This is where Lee Harvey Oswald was when he shot JFK. Allegedly.
Tricks/treats: The top floor’s an industrial loft space that looks over Downtown. It’s a blank slate, so go nuts. Full bar, fun-size candy. Zapruder film screening.
For channeling: Conspiracy theorists, enemies of the state and patsies.

Sons of Hermann Hall

Sons of Hermann Hall

Legend has it: A former caretaker haunts the 100-year-old music venue, knocking photos off the wall and scaring patrons.
Tricks/treats: Two stories of event space, a ballroom, a bar and a stage. For your costume contest.
For channeling: The plot to a Scooby-Doo episode.

The Adolphus

The Adolphus

Legend has it: In the ’30s, a bride-to-be was left at the altar and summarily hung herself in the hotel. She’s stuck around ever since to haunt the clientele and staff.
Tricks/treats: A 100-year history of splendor, luxury suites with terraces and a really fancy restaurant.
For channeling: Jilted brides, white dresses and marriage vows.

Hotel Lawrence

Hotel Lawrence

Legend has it: Mysterious deaths have led to ghost sightings, strange occurrences and inexplicable cold drafts throughout the hotel.
Tricks/treats: A bar/restaurant full of rib eyes and whiskey, plus some stately views of Downtown.
For channeling: Inexplicable chills and ghosts in high heels.

Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre

Legend has it: Founder Karl Hoblitzelle died in 1967, but never left the theater. His spirit supposedly roams the balcony and sits in his old office.
Tricks/treats: Your own theater for play and movie screenings, plus a concession stand. That serves liquor.
For channeling: Baroque grandeur, dramatic exits and possessed popcorn.

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