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A Nightclub with Food Trucks in Its Pocket

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You don’t exactly have a problem with them, but let’s just say their use is limited.

For starters, you generally don’t get there until 11pm. And it’s awfully tough to get a grilled cheese sandwich from them.

Here to alleviate both those concerns is Capitale, the brand-new K Street nightspot, officially unveiling its food-truck happy hour on Friday.

This is probably what Churchill’s library looked like. Books and busts of Beethoven on the shelves. Dark wood and British green. Gin, certainly. Easy access to a stash of Spanish ham.

Now, sure, at night you can still book a table for bottle service. They’ll meet you in the art deco front parlor, hand you a gratis glass of champagne and escort you past the DJ booth (which looks like a presidential podium) to your table, most likely an antique inlaid with a backgammon board.

But show up at 5pm this Friday and you’ll find José Andrés’s Pepe food truck at the curb outside, so you can grab a jamón ibérico sandwich before even claiming a table and a $5 glass of wine. Over the next weeks, you’ll also find trucks hawking pasta, empanadas and dogs, which you’ll try to pair up with the new house cocktails made with infused sodas like cucumber and vanilla.

Cucumber really brings out the notes in your hot dog.


1301 K St NW
Washington, DC, 20005


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