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A Hiking Trip That Ends in Vegas

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See that calendar over there...

Pick it up.

Go ahead, it won’t bite.

Good. Now block off 10 days somewhere in the middle of May. Yes, it’s a long ways off still, but trust us on this one.

Your Navajo tracker will need time to prepare for your arrival. So will your river guide. And your donkey. And your craps dealer.

You see...

You’re about to go on sabbatical to the Canyons of the Southwest, a 10-day journey through every last canyon, waterfall and casino floor (yes, it ends in Vegas) in the lower-left corner of the United States, booking now for next April through October.

Ten days. That’s how much time you have here. There will be cacti. There will be a Grand Canyon. There will be martinis in every lodge, ranch resort and casino hotel in between.

It all starts in Phoenix, where you’ll... pretty much go to your hotel room. The next morning, though—that’s when you’ll find yourself hiking through the Sonoran Desert and up to the red rock formations in Sedona. Bring a canteen. Maybe a flask.

From there, it’s anything from rafting on the Colorado River to donkey-ing through the Grand Canyon to trekking across Monument Valley with that Navajo guide. It’s basically his backyard.

Then the whole trip ends in Vegas. You’ll have a full day and night to do your thing there.

You know, your thing.

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