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Inside the Drunken Pig in West Ridge

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Rakes, rascals and rogues: you’ve known your share. Still, you’re selective about the type of scoundrel with whom you associate. And, well, there’s a place called The Drunken Pig, now quietly open in West Ridge—wait, hear us out. We wouldn’t mention it unless it was absolutely necessary. This place may just save your life one day. Here’s how:

Scenario 1: You’re so bored you could die.
But, eh. You don’t want to deal with hipsters, scenesters and valet attendants. So you come here. From the outside, it’s just a friendly neighborhood storefront. Inside, things take a turn downtownish: LED bar lights, funky retro-style chairs and late-night electronic dance beats. Knock back a Walking Dead (Wisconsin whiskey meets absinthe) and squint—you’re practically in River North.

Scenario 2: You’re so hungry you could die.
But you’re not an animal. Here, your pork belly is smothered in kimchi puree. Your fries are truffled. Your sliders, arugula’d. It’s small plates, so gather friends at the old park picnic table they’ve rehabbed into communal seating and just, well, pretend you’re in a park with a really good audio system.

Scenario 3: You’re dying for a beer.
But please, something pumpkin-flavored. It’s autumn. There are 35 microbrews available, everything from Delirium Tremens on draft to Pumking imperial pumpkin ale. We prescribe two pints—and stat.


The Drunken Pig
5854 N Lincoln Ave
(between Richmond and Sacramento)
Chicago, IL, 60659


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