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A Very Handsome Way to Look More Canadian

2b7b791bb8e85a491cc9aa09fa0d506bThat chill in the air... that means it’s fall.

So you know what’s right around the corner.

Correct: excellent sweaters.

So we turn to the people who know something about chills and excellence: Nomad, an online shop meticulously curated by our friends, brothers, allies and bacon-makers to the north, online now.

Oh, Canada. With your hockey and very cold weather, it’s really no wonder you’d be ready with a shop full of cozy clothes. But these are not threads for Bob and Doug McKenzie.

You’ll find nice scarves from Canuck designers Wings + Horns ready to protect your tender throat from autumn breezes. But we’d hate to send you out with only your neck in good shape. So if you need a warm fleece sweater from Reigning Champ, they’ll have those, too.

Of course, a little Canada goes a long way. So you’ll also find stuff from the outside world, like blazers from France’s A.P.C. for that first casual holiday get-together. Or you can pick up a pair of black, Chicago-winter-ready Grasmere Super Boots from British shoemaker Tricker’s.

And in November, when you’re freezing-cold waiting to bag a giant turkey for your family’s Thanksgiving, you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to order a camo jacket they have from Comme des Garçons protégé Junya Watanabe.

It can get chilly in Whole Foods.

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