Detroit Blue

Rugged Denim from the Motor City

None The Chicago Marathon: it’s incredible what people will do with their legs this weekend.

It’s almost as incredible as what some other people are about to do to yours.

Meet Detroit Denim, an exquisite line of selvage dungarees direct from the Motor City, soon to hit Chicago.

Don’t think of these as just another pair of jeans. Think of them as a Bob Seger song in denim. A ’68 Dodge Charger with hand-hammered copper fittings. A Harley-Davidson with... asymmetrical back pockets. Well, okay, just think of them as a really well-made pair of jeans.

In fact, we designate these as your official new date jeans. Dress them up with a sport coat for dinner. Dress them down with a flannel shirt for apple-picking.

See, a lot of love goes into each pair. They’re made in a small factory in Detroit that uses raw selvage denim from a mill in North Carolina. They come in two fits (slim and semi-slim) and the denim has never been washed. Yes, they totally trust you to break in your own jeans.

Oh, and one other detail that will catch your eye: the bright-as-a-new-penny copper buttons are from a Connecticut company that made coat buttons for Union soldiers in the Civil War.

So you’ll definitely want to wear these to Lincoln.

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