GBDC Party Pit

Passion Pit

Poolside Shenanigans, Now in the Casino

None The sun has gone down. You’re knee-deep in chips and sharing a table with at least one African warlord on the casino floor. And for some reason, your blackjack dealer is wearing a bikini.

You could A) ask questions, or B) accept that you’re at GBDC Party Pit, the latest development in barely clothed gambling, currently occurring Thursdays through Sundays in the Palms Casino.

Go with B.

So yes, you’re vaguely-to-extremely familiar with Ghostbar Day Club’s Sunday brunch (relaunching again next weekend after a summer hiatus), whereby the 55th-floor rooftop of the Palms is awash in neon-colored bikinis, piñatas and confetti guns.

Now imagine all the pageantry of that... transferred to a bunch of blackjack tables in the middle of the casino floor. Which means your dealer will probably be wearing a day-glo tutu, silver boots and a sheer bikini top. You’ll make your way to the pit—the area next to the walkway between the Pearl Theater and the Lounge—claim a stool at one of six designated tables and start working your way through a briefcase of unmarked bills (discretion is your forte).

And fortunately, this new dress code only applies to the Playmate types dealing the cards and not the pit bosses who oversee the action.

Some things you can’t unsee.


GBDC Party Pit
at Palms Casino Resort
4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89103

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